Who We Are

We are a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider with roots in Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

We capitalize on our engineering expertise and deploy advanced technologies to deliver on key projects for our clients and partners.

Business Lines

Our vast experience across different sectors enables us to keep up with the complex needs of our dynamic world.

Our Sectors

Our strength lies in fulfilling our commitments and in our ability to deliver high-quality projects, on time, and to the complete satisfaction of our clients and partners.


We work hard to keep the grid functioning efficiently. Today, we have built up decades of experience across power transmission, generation, and distribution projects.


Renewable Energy

As our world collectively tries to tackle climate change, we are driving the global energy transition by developing, constructing, and operating clean energy projects.


Access to clean water and sanitation is important for humankind; and its availability, or lack of it, determines the road to community welfare or misery. Hence, we are at the forefront in developing, constructing, and operating water desalination and wastewater treatment plants.



When it comes to a good quality of life for a nation, region, city, or even a neighborhood, resilient infrastructure is indispensable. This is where we come in with sustainable infrastructure projects that make an impact from the ground up.


We continue to develop, construct, and operate projects of the highest quality to meet the growing energy demand in the global markets.



The future is digital, automated, and simple. Our innovative solutions help increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients' systems to adapt to challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


Around the world, healthcare objectives differ widely, but one thing remains of importance - optimal quality. Our comprehensive healthcare services are effective, safe, and respond to the needs of patients and practitioners.