Who We Are

We are a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider with roots in Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

We capitalize on our engineering expertise and deploy advanced technologies to deliver on key projects for our clients and partners.

Business Lines

Our vast experience across different sectors enables us to keep up with the complex needs of our dynamic world.


It's easy to think that water will always be plentiful, but in reality, less than 2% of Earth's water is potable. This problem is further exacerbated in the Middle East which has extremely scarce freshwater resources. Here's where we come in. Our work on desalination plants and strategic reservoirs as an Independent Water and Power Producer (IWPP) and through engineering construction projects immensely supports in meeting local water demands.


Securing a safe, clean, and sustainable water supply.

Our experience in the water sector spans decades, and we are constantly adopting innovative initiatives for lowering the cost of water desalination and wastewater treatment. We also enable maximum water recovery and decreased costs for our partners through zero liquid discharge (ZLD) strategies.


Our impressive portfolio of water projects includes landmark projects like the phase 3 of the Jeddah Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant that has a daily production capacity of 240,000 m³.


We are experts in developing, constructing, and operating all types of:


  • Water Desalination Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Strategic Storage Reservoirs


We support innovation in the water sector and in 2022, along with several other companies, we signed an agreement to sponsor a $10 million ‘Global Innovation Award in Water Desalination’ at Saline Water Conversion Corporation's (SWCC) Innovation Driven Desalination Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Different Solutions for Water

We transform, influence, and support the water sector with smart and sustainable solutions.

Engineering Construction

We design and construct water desalination and wastewater treatment plants as well as strategic reservoirs.


Project Development

We partner with government and private entities for developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining water projects through Public-Private Partnerships PPP.

Engineering Services

Our water engineering services range from testing & commissioning, pre-commissioning, to operation & maintenance, and calibration for water desalination and wastewater treatment plants.


How can we help?

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