Who We Are

We are a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider with roots in Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

We capitalize on our engineering expertise and deploy advanced technologies to deliver on key projects for our clients and partners.

Business Lines

Our vast experience across different sectors enables us to keep up with the complex needs of our dynamic world.

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Abdulsalam Al Mutlaq

Chairman, Alfanar Group

A true visionary, Abdulsalam has guided Alfanar Group to become the global industry giant it is today. As the Co-founder and Chairman, he continues to steer the phenomenal growth of the group into new markets and sectors. He is also on the board of the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON).

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Sabah Al Mutlaq

Vice Chairman, Alfanar & Managing Director, Alfanar Projects

As the Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Alfanar Group, and the Managing Director for Alfanar Projects, Sabah has spearheaded local growth of the company as well as international expansion across Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Egypt, and Turkey. He is also the Chairman of Masheed Group, and a board member of Mawten Company.

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Jamal Wadi

President, Alfanar Projects & Managing Director, Alfanar Global Development

Having been with the business for more than three decades, Jamal has been instrumental in leading the growth and transformation of the project development business. He is also the Managing Director of Alfanar Global Development – our project development arm with landmark projects around the world.

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Amer Al Ajmi

Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Alfanar Projects

With more than 20 years of experience in engineering, Amer is leading the sales & marketing of Alfanar Projects as the Executive Vice President. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory, and a member of the Coordinating Council for Private Laboratory Affairs.

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Khalid Al Solami

Executive Vice President of Engineering Construction, Alfanar Projects

A seasoned electrical engineer with over two decades of industry experience, Khalid is responsible for the successful administration of our mega projects across the world. He has an impressive record of delivering high-impact results while also promoting safe and productive working practices.

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Wasim Al Malouhi

Chief Executive Officer, Alfanar Global Development

As the head of the growth & strategy teams, Wasim advocated for sustainable development, which is now a driving force in the company’s diversification into new markets. Additionally, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Alfanar Global Development and is constantly identifying new and feasible business opportunities.

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Mishal Al Mutlaq

Chief Investment Officer, Alfanar Projects

In his role as the Chief Investment Officer at Alfanar Projects, Mishal has been successful in closing deals worth over $1.6 billion in non-recourse financing. He also serves as a Director for Alfanar Energy in UK, and Alfanar Energia in Spain; and is part of the investment board for corporate level capital allocation.

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Imad Shalola

Vice President of Finance & Business Support, Alfanar Projects

Imad is leading the finance & business support department at Alfanar Projects including several business units in 10+ countries. He has over 22 years of experience in the finance and controlling & accounting domains in the manufacturing, construction, and services fields. He also serves as the Chief Investment Officer of PPP Power and Water Projects (NEOM & JAWC), and is a member of several key committees at Alfanar Projects.

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