Who We Are

We are a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider with roots in Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

We capitalize on our engineering expertise and deploy advanced technologies to deliver on key projects for our clients and partners.

Business Lines

Our vast experience across different sectors enables us to keep up with the complex needs of our dynamic world.


Global company with Saudi roots

Since the 1970s, we've been growing and diversifying our business to consistently meet the evolving needs of our world. Today, we have transformed into a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider, with a vast portfolio of landmark projects across multiple sectors.

Our people - more than 10,000 unique minds - are the strength and advantage of our business. Our success as a company is tied to their growth; and we value, nurture, and empower them to succeed.

Our Purpose. Our 'Why'.

Answering the increasingly complex energy, water, and infrastructure needs of our world.

We answer the growing and increasingly complex energy, water, and infrastructure needs of our world through sustainable solutions that are powered by a unique combination of disruptive technologies, extraordinary engineering minds, and passion for protecting our planet.


The direction we are going:

Our vision is to be a global leader in project development and engineering construction by leveraging our proven expertise and deploying revolutionary technologies.

And our core values are the foundation of our company's culture.

Trust one, trust all Alfanar Projects' employees to:

  • Uphold ethics.

  • Pursue excellence.

  • Prioritize collaboration.

  • Embrace innovation.

  • Fulfill promises.

Our clients and partners trust us to deliver beyond their expectations.


High Project Quality Index

The average project quality index on all our engineering construction projects is 91%.


Active contribution to Local Content

We fulfill all local content requirements in the countries we are present in by working with local suppliers, harnessing local skills, and localizing advanced technologies. We always identify and prioritize domestic value-adding opportunities.


Developing next generation of technologies

Through our well-designed and equipped research and development laboratories in Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, and India, we are working on introducing advanced technologies in all the countries we operate in.


Part of a large and diversified group

Alfanar Group, which we're a part of, is the largest privately owned manufacturer of electrical and electronic products in Saudi Arabia, and is also involved in engineering design, consultancy, architecture, as well as building precast.

Here is a timeline of our key projects and achievements.


Year of Establishment

Our story started in 1976 as 'Alfanar Construction' in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


First Electrification Project

Farasan Island Electrification Project, Saudi Arabia.
(1979 - 1981)


Sajir Electrification Project

Sajir Electrification Project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
(1981 - 1983)


First Power Plant Project

40 MW Power Plant in Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia.
(1990 - 1993)


First Gas Insulated Substation Project

132 kV / 13.8 kV Substation Project for the general housing program in Saudi Arabia.


First Outdoor Substation

Wadi Jaleel 380 / 110 kV Outdoor Substation Project in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
(1997 - 1999)


First 380 kV Indoor Substation

Construction of Jeddah North 380 / 110 / 13.8 kV Substation [Switchgears, Power Transformers, Civil Works].
(2003 - 2005)


First 115 kV OHTL Project

First 115 kV Overhead Transmission Lines project in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
(2004 - 2005)


First Underground Cabling Project

380 kV UGC, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
(2009 - 2012)


Hail Power Plant Extension - Expansion 2

300 MW Power Plant in Hail, Saudi Arabia.
(2010 - 2011)


Haramain High Speed Railway Substations

Six 380 kV Substations in Makkah and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
(2011 - 2013)


Waad AlShamal Substations

Five 380 kV Substations in Waad AlShamal, Saudi Arabia.
(2014 - 2016)


First Development Project

Awarded largest Solar Photovoltaic project under Feed-in-Tariff program in 2015 – our 50 MW contribution to Benban Solar Park, Egypt.

Construction was carried out from 2018 until 2019.


Project Lanuza - Wind Farm in Spain

Awarded largest wind farm project of 500 MW under competitive tendering, which marked our entry into the European renewable energy market.

This project is spread across 23 sites in three regions of Spain.


Major Wind Projects in India

Awarded 2x300 MW wind farm projects in Gujarat, India.


Largest Smart Meter Project

Installed 5 million smart meters across Saudi Arabia.
(2019 - 2021)


Acquired Senvion India

Acquired the Indian arm of the German OEM for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG).


Awarded Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant Project

Currently developing and constructing a SAF plant in Teesside, United Kingdom. Once operational, the plant will produce more than 180 million liters of SAF annually in the United Kingdom.


Signed Green Hydrogen Agreements

Signed an MoU with Egyptian authorities to develop and construct a $4 billion green hydrogen project in Egypt.


First rebrand in company history

In 2023, we rebranded as 'Alfanar Projects' to reflect our evolution to a global project developer, engineering construction & technology solutions provider.

Working for the world. With the world.

Our projects play a key role in supporting different nations to achieve their goals and visions. From Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world, we are working closely with the local governments on key energy, water, and infrastructure projects.


Contributing to Saudi Vision 2030

    As a Saudi company, we are proud of our heritage and are committed to supporting our homeland in realizing its Vision 2030.  

    Through the three main pillars of 'A Vibrant Society'; 'A Thriving Economy'; 'An Ambitious Nation', Vision 2030 has outlined strategic objectives for the Kingdom's transformation.  

    Saudi Arabia has a renewable energy target of 58.7 GW by 2030, and our projects in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors within the Kingdom contribute towards this ambitious goal. We are also leading the digital transformation in the Kingdom through pioneering projects such as our Smart Meters Project. And also further enriching local content by producing the first 'Made in Saudi' server in a partnership with HPE. 

    We have business targets for hiring, developing, and empowering Saudi talent, as well as contributing to local content by purchasing from and working with local suppliers.


Supporting India achieve Mission 500 GW

    At COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021, India announced its intent to achieve 500 GW of its capacity through renewable energy.

    Our wind energy projects in Gujarat, India, are helping India in its energy transition by 'greening' the energy mix.

    We have also acquired Senvion, India, a wind turbine manufacturer, thereby contributing to the 'Make in India' initiative and creating 100s of local jobs.


Decarbonizing the UK aviation sector to achieve net zero 2050 target

    United Kingdom's Jet Zero strategy released by the Department for Transport has outlined the framework to achieve net zero in UK's aviation sector by 2050.

    The fuel produced at the Lighthouse Green Fuels project – our sustainable aviation fuel facility in Teesside, UK, will produce 80% lesser greenhouse gases as compared to fossil fuels.

    Our SAF project will create 700 jobs during its construction period and 240 jobs once its operational.


Supporting Egypt Vision 2030

    Egypt Vision 2030 has a target for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the energy sector by 10%. And we have been contributing to the energy sector's transformation in Egypt through various key projects.

    Our 50 MW solar park in Benban is our maiden solar photovoltaic project. And in 2022, we signed an MoU with the General Authority of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, the Sovereign Fund of Egypt, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, and the New and Renewable Energy Authority, aiming to develop a green ammonia facility in Sokhna. Additionally, we also signed a green hydrogen framework agreement with The Sovereign Fund of Egypt during COP27.


Contributing to Spain's progress towards net zero 2050 target

    Spain's National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) is the national strategic planning tool that integrates energy and climate policy to achieve climate neutrality objectives by 2050 that have been set by the European Union.

    One of the targets set in the NECP is the reduction of the use of fossil fuels and the promotion of renewable energy sources. We are contributing towards this objective through a 120 MW integration of power generation from wind energy, with plans of further growing our portfolio in the coming years.

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